Pet Sitter Classifieds

The Local Pet Sitter Classifieds allows free advertising for pet sitters, pet care providers, veterinarians, pet supply stores, animal boarding services, breeders, groomers and other pet and animal care services.

Pet Sitters

If you are an experienced pet sitter or someone that just loves animals and wouldn’t mind walking the neighbors dog while making some extra cash, then you need to be listed in the Pet Sitter Classifieds.

Pet Owners

Planning on being away from home for an extended period of time? Whether it be a few hours a few days or a couple weeks, we will help you locate a knowledgeable and qualified pet sitter or pet sitting service in your area. Experienced dog sitters, Dog Walkers, cat sitters, exotic pet sitters and animal care providers are available to watch and care for your pets while you are away.